" ... the idea of controlling your mindset from an app is just too cool not to get on board with."

- James Lynden, Innovation Manager at Bang & Olufsen

I Use PlatoWork 2-3 times a week. I use “Focus 1 mode” to get more absorbed in tasks, especially writing. I find the mode makes it easier to block out all the distractions of the 21st century - like notifications and open browser tabs. I’ll use the “Create 1” mode to rapidly output ideas of any kind, the trick - for me - is to make sense of the brainstorm when it’s over.

Matias Seidler
Owner and Creative, dagr

In my work, I am faced with challenges involving high complexity projects in a very dynamic environment. PlatoWork can help with focus and stress reduction. Furthermore, our industry demands innovation and creativity to be able to stay ahead - and PlatoWork offers technology to help generate creative ideas.

Ljiljana Harding
Project Management Office Director at Pfizer

Platowork made a material difference in my ability to focus while studying Russian, prior to a trip to Moscow. I am also using the headset to fight the effects of the afternoon mental energy trough and to control the “restless mind” while reading technical documents.

Bogdan "Bo" Pintea
Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

I felt it helped me concentrate on reading different kinds of books and also remembering what I was reading. If you can enhance your way of life with technology, I will definitely try it.

Tino Tønnesen
Chief Consultant at The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

If coffee is a ritual for alertness, I could imagine devices like PlatoWork becoming a ritual for creative pursuits or analytical focus.

James Lynden
Innovation Manager at Bang & Olufsen

I have always been fascinated by the science behind brain optimisation. My curios mind has had to brace itself and wait until the right technology became accessible to the public and here we are! With PlatoWork I have access to a brain massage when needed. Most importantly it helps me to counteract some symptoms of stress, which can hinder both concentration and block my creative flow.

Signy Kristinsdottir
General Manager at Nordic Style Magazine